Access and inclusion

The department recognises the universal value of culture and the arts to the wider community.

Culture and arts are fundamental to human existence, especially to our history, identity, creativity and desire for play and enjoyment.

Participation in arts and cultural experience, as a right for all people, has the potential to improve all areas of human endeavour.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The department's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan guides us in how we welcome people with disability, their carers and families to our facilities, services and employment.

We want to ensure that people with disability have the same opportunities to:

  • Access our services and events.
  • Access our buildings and other facilities.
  • Receive information from us in a format that is readily accessible.
  • Receive the same level and quality of service from staff as anyone else.
  • Make complaints to us.
  • Participate in our public consultations.
  • Seek employment with us.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Venue access

Information on specific venues:

Access to, and participation in, the arts are basic rights and all arts and cultural programs should be underpinned by the principles of access and equity.

Page reviewed 01 December 2021