Our department

The department works collaboratively with government, community organisations, peak bodies and other stakeholders to achieve our vision of an enlivened Western Australia with successful communities and economy.

Better places

The work we do helps create and maintain better places for people to live, work and play in.

We build the capacity of local governments, so that they are capable, well-governed, and best able to serve their communities.

Sport and recreation

We help maintain a strong and diverse sport and recreation sector in Western Australia.

Culture and the arts

We support a sustainable arts and cultural sector that facilitates social and economic wellbeing by providing research, policy, information and support.

By providing services to Western Australia’s arts and culture organisations, we are building the capacity of a sector which makes visiting and living in Western Australia richer, more vibrant and more enjoyable.

Visit our key cultural organisations:

The State Records Office of Western Australia is responsible for providing record-keeping services to government, preserving the State archives collection, and making State archives accessible for researchers. The office operates as a government agency within the department.

Aboriginal history

The department works with Aboriginal communities and other stakeholders to connect people to Aboriginal culture and history and promote reconciliation in the wider WA community. Our activities affirm and raise awareness of the richness and diversity of Aboriginal culture and history in WA.

Racing, gaming and liquor

The department is responsible for promoting and maintaining the integrity of lawful racing, gambling and liquor activities in Western Australia, for the social and economic benefit of Western Australians.

Strong multicultural communities

Western Australia is a vibrant and effective multicultural society. The department promotes and supports multiculturalism that creates safe communities and supports families.

Page reviewed 19 July 2023