Gender diversity

There are economic, cultural, social and health benefits to having more women involved in leadership roles.

Gender Diversity Case for Change

Gender Diversity Case for Change coverHelping sport and recreation organisations understand the business case for gender diversity and motivate them to address gender inequality in their organisations.

The Case for Change is a key enabler of the cultural change required to improve gender balance within the sport and recreation sector.

For change to occur, sport and recreation organisations and other key stakeholders must understand the effects of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as the underlying reasons for these dynamics. This understanding will allow for effective teams and workplaces, inclusive of all persons.

To find out more on the Case for Change, download the report, templates and case studies below.

Gender Diversity Case for Change report and downloads

Gender Diversity Case for Change videos

We have eight great videos to help you and your organisation follow through on the key steps to improve gender diversity.  Each video also has an information sheet that you can download to get you started.

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Case for Change case studies

Women in Leadership targets

The State Government supports WA’s sport and recreation industry in its efforts to increase gender diversity, particularly with regards to women in leadership positions.

Where we want to be

The Women in Leadership target is for boards to consist of 50 per cent female directors. For boards with an uneven number of director positions, the final position can be male or female.

How we’ll get there

The department already has several initiatives underway — such as the Case for Change program and support materials — to help all WA sports bodies achieve the Women in Leadership target.

More information

There will be funding implications for organisations that do not achieve and maintain the Women in Leadership target. Organisations that do not achieve and maintain the target will have funding reduced to step 1 of the lower category until the target is achieved. For some organisations this will equate to a reduction in funding by 85%.

Board registry

A great way to increase the diversity on your board is to increase your network when searching for a suitable candidate to fill a vacancy. There are a number of ways to do this and the first step is to consider advertising via a board register. Here are two great starting points.


National Sports Directorship Register

Gender Diversity Advisory Group

The department provides leadership and support to sport and recreation organisations to integrate gender diversity and inclusion values into all areas of their business.  A key part of getting it right is by reviewing best practice and listening to industry leaders.  The Gender Diversity Advisory Group has provided advice and guidance on the strategies and initiatives being implemented to improve and sustain gender diversity in the sport and recreation industry. The group also shares knowledge and experiences; and identifies and discusses contemporary gender diversity issues affecting the industry.  The members volunteer their time and are committed to this very important sport and recreation topic. 

More information

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