Running an effective organisation means being able to undertake a wide range of functions, including finance and people management, marketing, operating a board and risk management. It requires good governance.

All organisations are responsible and accountable for their governance no matter their size and maturity. Good governance is never static or fully achieved. Leaders governing sport, recreation, clubs and associations have an opportunity to be better, affect change and demonstrate good processes, systems and policies to support good governance practices.

Sport Australia co-designed the Sport Governance Principles with a whole-of-sector approach with State Government sport and recreation agencies across Australia. The principles guide organisations to good governance and link this to education, support and resources to assist putting these into practice.

We provide advice, education and training, resources and links to other material to support those who govern sport. This includes State Sport Associations, recreation organisations, peak bodies, associations and clubs.

Good governance does not guarantee success, however poor governance almost certainly guarantees failure.


Page reviewed 28 February 2023