About us

The department works collaboratively with government, community organisations, peak bodies and other stakeholders to achieve our vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive and connected WA community.

Our purpose

To foster a cohesive, prosperous, vibrant and healthy Western Australian community.

Our vision

Western Australia is celebrated as the best place to live in Australia.

Our mission

To lead the public sector in community-focused delivery, with a high-performing organisation and a thriving workforce.

Our values

Our values demonstrate the behaviours that shape our culture, inspire our teams, and set the tone for our interactions with communities, stakeholders and each other.


Fostering a culture that values diversity, actively listens, and recognises and respects contributions from all.

We are respectful and inclusive


Being transparent, taking responsibility for actions, and ensuring effective governance and compliance.

We take responsibility and deliver quality


Meeting stakeholder and community needs, fostering strong relationships through proactive and effective communication.

We meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders


Embracing open-minded collaboration within our organisation and with our stakeholders that encourages learning and continuous improvement.

We challenge the status quo with open minds


Upholding the highest standards of honesty, ethical behaviour, trustworthiness and sincerity in all actions and decisions.

We build trust through responsible actions

Corporate Executive

  • Lanie Chopping, Director General
  • Erin Gauntlett, Deputy Director General, Management and Coordination
  • Jen McGrath, Deputy Director General, Capability and Performance
  • Shelagh Magadza, A/Executive Director Specialist Aboriginal Projects and Engagement
  • Audrey Formentin, Executive Director Infrastructure
  • Liam Carren, Executive Director Corporate Services
  • Natasa Dale, A/Executive Director, Strategy and Performance
  • Tim Fraser, A/Executive Director Racing, Gaming and Liquor
  • Marcelyn Nicolaou, Executive Director Sport and Recreation
  • Kate Rowlands, A/Executive Director Office of Multicultural Interests
  • Nikki Miller, A/Executive Director Culture and the Arts
  • Ludisha Kalasopatan, Chief Finance Officer
  • Nicole Ades, Executive Director Workforce Strategy and Transformation
  • Laura Hunter, Executive Director Organisational Change and Transformation

Operational structure

  • Director General
    • Capability and Performance
      • Corporate Services
      • Strategy and Performance Accountability
      • Finance
      • State Records Office
      • Corporate Communications
      • Legal Services
      • Workforce Strategy and Transformation
    • Management and Coordination
      • Local Government
      • Office of Multicultural Interests
      • Culture and the Arts
      • Racing, Gaming and Liquor Regulation
      • Sport and Recreation
      • Regulatory Reform
      • Child Safeguarding Implementation Team
    • Specialist Aboriginal Projects and Engagement
    • Infrastructure
    • Office of the Director General
    • Integrity
    • Art Gallery of Western Australia
    • Arts and Culture Trust
    • State Library of Western Australia
    • Western Australian Museum

Portfolio structure

Department interagency relationships

Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Our Strategic Plan sets the direction for the department over the next 5 years.

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan provides a framework for how we can advance the cause of reconciliation in our workplace as allies and partners. It is our strategic commitment to lead and support national reconciliation initiatives. 

Page reviewed 15 July 2024